Monday, September 05, 2016

No place for nostalgia at Old Trafford?

This story was on today.. reminded me of a story from another United legend.

When working for UTV from time to time the odd northern legend would pop into the Wigan office to talk to Talk Sport and one such legend was one Thomas Henderson Docherty.

In between chats with Richard Keys and Andy Gray I was telling him that I supported United and he said to me "I'll tell you about United shall I?"

"I've worked for United in various capacities over the years and they said 'if we can ever do anything for you, don't hesitate to get in touch'

"It was my daughter's 18th and she really wanted to go to see United and so I called and asked for tickets, they said 'No problem Doc' , sent the tickets and off we all went.

"They had a great time really loved it

"3 days later, I got a letter in the post from the club.

"It was an invoice."

It seems a lack of nostalgia for managers past is no new thing.

He also told me, 2 years before it happened, that David Moyes would take over from Sir Alex.

Moral of the story - if Tommy Docherty gives you a tip, get down the bookies!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Glenn Frey RIP

I used to work at what was the NYNEX Arena, Manchester as a steward, and every now and then I'd be asked to do a shift backstage.

One occasion was when The Eagles played there on their "Hell Freezes Over" tour and I was backstage.

Glenn Frey approached me and asked "Are they the bathrooms?"

I replied "Yes".


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What Am I Reading For???

I'm at the Fleece in Bristol at a night to commemorate what is unbelievably the 20th anniversary of Bill Hicks' death.

I first saw him on some Just For Laughs compilation. He was talking about smoking. Now I was always very vehemently anti-smoking to the point at which I'd bore schoolmate smokers with shit facts about how appalling their lives were about to become....and then I heard Hicks' line that "non-smokers die every day" and I pissed myself...and vowed to shut up.

I then seeked him out on comedy channels and in the video shops of Manchester. As with all the best comics he made me laugh myself hoarse and developed my world view.

I have since learned to think for myself a bit more.

I would give new and old friends tapes of his stand up hoping to convert them as well.

Every now and again I'd pull out his Oxford Live CD and be amazed at how, years after his death and in the middle of a different war waged by a different Bush, every sentence still rang true.

As much as anything it's the closing of the Revelations show that sticks.

"It's just a ride"

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sitting in a glasshouse surrounded by stones

I’ve just done a sweep on Blogger of “Next Blog”.

That’s when you visit a blog and then choose a new one randomly by hitting the “Next Blog” button that takes you to another Blogger site.

I was about to launch into a rant about the fact that these blogs haven’t been updated since 2011!!

And then I noticed how often this blog gets updated.

…and I shut my fat face!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mel Smith

Reprinted from the work blog

We were talking about Mel Smith on the show and discussing, off air, some of our favourite moments.

Tony was one of a generation of kids for whom sneaking around after you've gone to bed to watch "Not The Nine O'Clock News" was part of growing up.

Here are some of our favourite bits.

Tony's favourite : John McEnroe gets his breakfast.

My favourite - buying a Hi Fi

Gerald - "Wild? I was livid!"

The Two Ninnies

....and the classic head-to-head.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Producer Simon answers your radio questions : What are the Sonys?

Thank you to Karen from West Crapshire who asked the above question.

Well, Karen, the Sonys is the radio equivalent of the Oscars where the great and good, living legends if you like, from the world of radio from the very big stations to tiny community radio stations get together and celebrate the very best that the radio dials across these beautiful islands have to offer.

.......unless I've not been nominated.....

.....In which case it is a chance for the biggest egos in the industry to be stroked by the biggest arselickers in the industry.

It's a pointless, expensive exercise is self-promotion and cronyism the like of which we only really read about in Private Eye.

It's a chance for those in favour at certain stations to enjoy a beano on the company and for people who like to feel important to judge the hard work of others in the vain belief that their opinion is worth something.

Hope that's cleared things up for you.

Next time : What is RAJAR?