Monday, July 23, 2007

Flat hunting

Bad news : I've got to find somewhere to live as I get chucked out of my current house in 7 days.

Good news : prices on the Thames should have come down a bit!

Monday, July 09, 2007

James Blunt Does His Bit

Apparently James Blunt offsets his carbon emmisions by showing "An Inconvenient Truth" before each of his shows and plants a tree for each ticket sold.

That must cost him a fortune!

Here's an easier way for him to help out with this is by just...fucking off! No trees to be planted, no James Blunt concerts! Everyone's happy!

2 days since Live Earth... seems Global Warming is STILL happening!!

Still, nice little concert!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

How I spent July 7th

I forgot to send out some tickets to winners for tonight's cage fighting at the Rivermead so I had to find out their addresses and hand deliver them this morning after the other job. Luckily they lived on the same estate. Unfortunately it was a bit scary!

I forgot that I had to cover the morning show as well as my own and so I went to bed.....woke up at 11.00 with a nice understanding text asking where the hell I was!! Idiot!

Work 1 needed the podcast a whole day before I got back from holiday so I had to go in and do it today. Annoying but necessary!

In the beer garden of one of the local pubs I enjoyed a pint and watched as a guest at the wedding being held in the restaurant arrived in a helicopter! Boo for being such a nasty capitalist pig but huge hurrqahs for being cool enough to turn up at a wedding reception in a helicopter! Wouldn't happen in the Blue Bell!

I honestly don't remember being told of a family gathering at my mum and dad's today for my little brother (Adam, 28) with my cousins in attendance. I haven't seen them for ages. One of them always has the arse with me so I wasn't that bothered about missing them but it would have been nice seeing the cousin I haven't seen for ages and ages! Haven't seen my bro's enough either!
I see my girlfriend's family who are extremely close! So close they can't go a day without speaking to each other for at least 30 minutes at a time, I've no idea what they find to talk about. I sometimes wish I was like that with my family but it would feel too suffocating! The great thing about my family is that we may not speak or get together as much as most families do but we know we're there for each other when it's really needed. Plus, I couldn't phone them every day! I don't DO anything, what would I tell them? "Hiya mum, I've had 2 shits already today!"

..apart from Spinal Tap obviously ...which was cut short by the BBC, brilliant! Was Paulo Nutini pissed? I watched the thing about lyrics on ITV instead and got 3 wrong! Gutted!
Hayley was selected to spend £100 pounds on standing tickets for the 37 hour spectacular but we didn't get round to it and thank God! Rather than take unecessary train journeys and contribute to the huge carbon emissions from the stadium and the huge outside broadcasting facilities it was more in the ethos of Live Earth to just ignore it and lie on my settee eating custard creams and drinking coffee! I think I've done my bit now!

Overspent by 100% this weekend by getting a Meateor pizza from Domino's! I'm naughty!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Rufus Hound

I was reading the Guaridan today and this guy got a mention in Grace Dent's brilliant column. It prompted a thought which I must admit I've harboured for some time, so I wrote a poem about it...hope you enjoy!

I cannot promise much
but I guarantee a pound,
for the one ultimate answer,
who the fuck is Rufus Hound?

Many times I've turned on goggle box
and look! He's bloody there!
With some faux ironic trucker's cap
and "interesting" hair.

A man whose conversation
sounds like crap stand-up routine.
He's so awfully prolific
from the TV that I've seen!

When TOTP wanted presenters
he was there to take his turn,
Waxing lyrical 'bout Matt Darey,
I even started liking Fearne!

Is he expert in some subject?
Did I miss this with a blink?
Coz I've yet to get my head round
should I care 'bout what he thinks?

So I'll search on Wikipedia
groups on Facebook 'til I've found
Satisfaction to my question
Who the fuck is Rufus Hound?