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If I could, I would!

Kudos to Anthony from work for finding this gem. From Italia’s Got Talent : fast forward through the judges taking the mickey to about 3 minutes in to see the greatest performance in reality TV history. If I could do this, I’d be queuing at the auditions as fast as my legs could carry me!  

I’m not a father…

…or at least not as far as I know….eh, eh! (No, seriously, I’m not and there is no chance on God’s earth that I am) Anyway, I’m not a parent but Molly Forbes’ blog about being a mother is aces, and you can vote for it here


So then, day 2 of my “holiday” (it’s in inverted commas because I’m not actually going anywhere, just staying in the flat) The plan was that I’d spend this time getting up to speed on things that I’ve neglected, however so far I’ve watched Jeremy Kyle and fallen asleep on the couch. Hopefully today will be different with a bit of time set aside for “Twelve Monkeys” which I’ve got from Love Film and still haven’t seen. Good start so far! Out of bed a whole hour earlier than yesterday…