Monday, November 03, 2008

Ross and Brand

Just getting back to work now and catching up on what I've missed.

The whole Russell Brand and Johnathan Ross thing.

Childish - yes. Good entertaining radio - undecided. Worth 3 people losing their jobs over including the woman who made the radio station the biggest in the country - hardly.

6 Fascinating Facts

Matthew Rudd's tagged me in his blog for this entry which means I've got to give 6 fascinating facts about myself.

1. I was one of the radio friends who auditioned (unsuccessfully) for Telly Addicts with Matthew.

2. I met Ray Charles

3. If it wasn't for Viking FM saying yes to my demo tape, I would now be a Catholic priest.

4. When I take tea, I like it to be so milky it practcally moo's

5. I fancy Dawn French and Suranne Jones in equal measure.

6. I've just climbed 2/3rds of Mount Kilimanjaro...yes...yes I have!!!

I don't know 6 more people to nominate!