Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rip It Up And Start Again?

The MEN is reporting that the council have brought in some consultants to work out what to do with Moston Lane now it's a decrepit shadow of it's former self.

The councillors themselves have pointed to the ready availability of booze as one of the major factors decrying the fact that it has 22 licensed premises including off-licences within 400 yards of each other, one of them even calls the Lane "Alcohol Alley".

There must be someone to blame for this proliferation of boozeholes on this one-mile stretch. If only we knew who granted the licences for all of these shops to sell Kestral Super Strength at £1.49 for 8? Bugger me! It's the council, isn't it!

So what is the big idea from Manchester City Council to get Moston off it's knees? Bring in a consultant! If it doesn't work out, we can blame someone else!!! A ridiculous state of affairs.

This time of year I think about Christmas Eve walking down The Lane with my mum getting all the stuff we need for Christmas, queuing up past the Post Office for muffins and potted meat from Haworth's, cooked meat from the butchers...and another queue, Wallman's for everything else...yep another queue but that wasn't too bad because I was writing rude words on all the magic screens at the toy shelf at the back of the shop.