Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Hacienda Must Be Built

I’m currently reading Peter Hook’s fabulous “How Not To Run a Club” which is making the Hacienda sound like the coolest place to be but the most frustrating place to be involved in. It’s a cracking read as well. As much for the appendices as anything, from the original membership application form to set lists of concerts.

From the book (and the club’s end of year newsletter) here’s the 1982 Hacienda Top 20.

Hacienda 1982

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Butch and sincere....but what was the year?

I have many theories about radio. The vast majority of them are wrong and moronic I'm told but every now and again I come up with one that has merit and I believe this to be one of them.

What if we only did Top 10 at 10's if we did them properly? Like how they started. A real Top 10 from this week in a year gone by rather than playing from the pool of the same 15 songs because they're the only ones that "fit the brand".

So, as a little exercise here's the Top 10 from this week in the year that Wish FM is using today. Would this sit well on a music radio station in 2011 or is it just too spikey.....and if so, why?

This is purely a "what if?" exercise...I'm not suggesting that we do it, I'm suggesting it's something to talk about when you don't want to do any actual work.

Hey, why not play along at home m'darling!











Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Manchester, So Much To Answer For.

What you’re about to read will not help anyone. It’s not a sensible solution, it’s not the kind of thing that anyone should really condone. It’s just the gut feeling and heartfelt outpourings of a bloke watching a collection of pillocks taking the piss in his hometown.

After a couple of nights rioting in London and kidding myself that it wouldn’t happen in Manchester because, as tweeters across the city have said, we lead – we don’t follow, it seems to have kicked off tonight.

I had a little kip at 3.00 and there were reports of a bit of a police presence in Piccadilly but no bad temper at all, woke up at 7 and Miss Selfridge is on fire, BBC Manchester have had their radio car totalled and there’s widespread looting at Salford Shopping City (although what you can “loot” from 3 branches of Cash Converters I’m not sure).

Listening to Key 103 – who have done well tonight – there’s a bloke from the City centre’s Pub and Club Watch saying that all pubs are closed for the night. No buses or trams entering Manchester tonight either.

The latest is that the crowds are making  their way to King Street to see what they can get from the nice shops.

This has particularly rankled me.

Why are they being allowed to run free through Manchester  Why are they being given the freedom of the town to kick in whichever shops they like?

I’d love to see these idiots kettled into Piccadilly Gardens and ordinary Mancunians standing behind the police so that instead of watching these ratboys we don’t allow them through into the city.

We should be doing what Manchester does best and just getting on with it so that these cretins don’t feel special. Why the fuck are they being allowed to do it?

I realise that it’s very rich from me sitting here 15 miles away and not facing up and going to protect my beloved home city but like I say, it’s just what’s on the top of my head.