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FatMancunian FM - Shuffle (30Sept09)

At work we have a PA system through which we can play out either Heart or Gold. Today Shaun (who is the station's producer) chose to play Gold on it, Charlotte (who is the news editor) had a little paddy about it and so, maturely and sensibly, turned it all off! I fired up Spotify and took out my headphones and FatMancunian FM was born. Here's a random selection of what we heard....and what would happen on air if, God forbid, I was ever allowed to programme a radio station. 1. Wild Wild Life - Talking Heads 2. Don't Let Me Down, Gently - The Wonder Stuff 3. Big New Prinz - The Fall (Live on "The Other Side Of Midnight" - Granada TV) 4. Feeling Numb - The Fall 5. Generation Sex - Divine Comedy 6. One Step Beyond - Madness 7. Steppin' Out - Joe Jackson 8. Transmission - Joy Division ("Something Else" - BBCtv) 9. Lost in Music - The Fall 10. Slow Life - Super Fu


Many Happy Returns : September 16

Happy Birthday.... ....Kyla Pratt, you defied your father in the film Dr. Doolittle to talk to the animals. You're 23! Bloody hell, Raven from That's So Raven must be in her 40's now!... ....Madelina Zima, you punched David Duchovny in the face during sex in Californication making a smash in the mush actually quite sexy, well done you.... ....Katie Melua, you talented Georgian wunderkind you. Nice songs, nice guitar strumming, man's chin... ....Fanny, you're a French singer whose last hit was < > in 1997. I've never heard of you but your name made me laugh.... ....Tina Barrett, you made up the numbers in S Club 7.... ....Justine Frischmann, you were the first reason I found to hate Damon Albarn in the 90's - I've found many more reasons since. Elastica's first album was brilliant but the BBC Three architecture programme was nonsense... ...Richard Marx, Hazard made me want to puke, as did Dance With My Father but you seem nice enough.... ....Dan