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A Short Note About Karma

This weekend I started to believe in karma. You know what karma is. The belief that no deed, good or bad, goes unrewarded nor unpunished. I went paintballing for my friend's stag weekend at the Mapledurham Estate in Berkshire. As I was travelling straight from my second job in Newbury I was there well before anyone else and so parked up in an empty car park. After 30 minutes of trying to get a quick kip a carload of Russian gentlemen pulled up beside me. As the driver got out he SLAMMED his door into my car. My little Corsa was subject to bullying of the very highest order! Not so much as a glance from Sergei, no "sorry", no remorse on his face, not even a look from him. What made it worse was that he came back having forgotten something and DID IT AGAIN....TWICE!!!!!!! So his card was marked. I made a mental note of him and promised myself that if I were to give anyone the PJ and Duncan treatment it would be him! Unfortunately, as we kitted up and were allocated colours

Love-In Your Work

Every now and again people in middle management speak to their bosses and their bosses will slip into the conversation the name or names of some dull-witted management training guru they've heard about recently and then the worst thing imaginable happens. Those middle management types, because they have no imagination nor ideas of their own and want to cosy up to the upper eschelons, then read the books of the aforementioned guru and instigate the ridiculous practices they've been told to adopt on their own staff. Today is one of those days when my colleagues and I get the sharp end of this practice as we embark on "The Love-In". The idea behind it is that over the last week or so we've been compiling our own list of things about each other that we really like and we will present these lists later today. So how does that improve the show then I hear you cry? Well.......I don't know! The idea I guess is that if we know what each other likes about us we can