Sunday, January 03, 2010

It all makes sense....

There are times when I feel lost. When things run away from me and when nothing makes sense. These times are occuring more and more as time goes on and a lot of the time it's not my fault.

It's nice after feeling like you're being lost that someone comes along and crystallizes your thinking, not exactly a kindred spirit but some affirmation that you are right. Things are not how they really should be.

XFM's Marsha Shandur does a fabulous series of podcasts interviewing comedians, the latest of which is an interview with the amazing Stewart Lee. His views on comedy are, for my money, spot on. His attitude to his career and his "art" is refreshing and it's well worth downloading. By the way, as an aside, the podcasts themselves give me a bit more faith in my profession. The podcasts are fabulous and exactly the kind of thing XFM should be doing and are an arm of broadcasting that Global Radio should be proud of....I doubt they are. I doubt they know it's happening, if they did it would either be charged for or not happen at all because of the paranoia about "brand values" and all that palaver.

Also worth downloading is Danny Baker's Radio 5 Live interview with Elton John whose opinions on music and television are, again, utterly refreshing and affirming. The big difference with this interview, and the reason why it's so refreshing, is because Danny Baker is interested in what HE wants to find out from Elton. Not interested in getting a soundbite or an Elton bitchy moment or a Tantrums and Tiaras moment. It's nice to hear Elton John addressed as a normal, music-loving friend.

I love the fact that from both these interviews I get the message that it's not all about money and profile. Sometimes it's about the process of doing it and enjoying it and respecting those who do it too.

Timbaland - Pet Detective

So I'm hideously out of touch with music at the minute and so I'm forcing myself to listen to every song in the Top 100. Only songs that I don't already know, obviously. So far 3OH!3 and Katy Perry and Chipmunk have failed to impress.

Then there's the new Timbaland tune with SoShy and, surprise surprise, Nelly Furtado whose transformation to glamour-puss from smelly hippy is surely now complete (she looks particularly fit in the video).

Right, the song is brilliant. It's one of those songs that I have had to listen to three or four times in a row because it's stuck in my head, the bloke is undoubtedly one of the best in the business. he turning into Jim Carrey?

I just ask because after seeing the video he seems to be gurning an awful lot. I'm not sure if he's meaning to do it or he's the victim some kind of uncomfortable multiple twitch disease. Don't get me wrong it's very entertaining and at a level of comedy posturing you just wouldn't expect from one of urban music's big names.

N-Dubz to come. I'm not looking forward to that... think I'll listen to Timbaland once more just to cushion the blow.

>>Also, right now I'm playing Primal Scream's "Sometimes I Feel So Lonely". I feel uncomfortable when Bobby Gillespie tries singing properly. It doesn't seem quite right. Like when someone who is so pissed they're sleepy gets on the karaoke!