Monday, May 13, 2013

Producer Simon answers your radio questions : What are the Sonys?

Thank you to Karen from West Crapshire who asked the above question.

Well, Karen, the Sonys is the radio equivalent of the Oscars where the great and good, living legends if you like, from the world of radio from the very big stations to tiny community radio stations get together and celebrate the very best that the radio dials across these beautiful islands have to offer.

.......unless I've not been nominated.....

.....In which case it is a chance for the biggest egos in the industry to be stroked by the biggest arselickers in the industry.

It's a pointless, expensive exercise is self-promotion and cronyism the like of which we only really read about in Private Eye.

It's a chance for those in favour at certain stations to enjoy a beano on the company and for people who like to feel important to judge the hard work of others in the vain belief that their opinion is worth something.

Hope that's cleared things up for you.

Next time : What is RAJAR?