Friday, March 26, 2010

Random Rants - Friday 26th March

9.48 - simply because Ben Folds is a genius!

8.13 - Finally watched "Being John Malkovitch" last night. Utterly brilliant!

8.10 - Best line from the Heart Breakfast Friday song - "Jordan is writing a new book her publisher said. That means it will be autobiography 3, she's written more books than she's read!"

8.00 - This is briliant!

7.46 - We're talking on the show about the fact that a new survey has revealed that men are happy to admit that they cry quite often, at the cinema, even as guests at weddings. Jez can't remember the last time he cried. For me it was after seeing Hayley (my best friend and ex) after the operation she had recently. I always cry at films. Always. It's embarrassing!
Roo cries at the Dog Homes adverts on the telly. Oh dear!

7.21 - I'm following someone who is keeping track of their weight loss and he's publishing today that he's put on 500g. I was about to ask if there was any point but I make that about a pound? It's not good to be that precise on a daily basis is it? Surely that only serves to discourage you? I'm probably wrong.

6.57 - It appears that Christian O'Connell is doing a competition whereby the first 100 vans to the studio get free DAB radios. Brilliant if you're a van driving Absolute listener in Glasgow! (Twitter)