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Clip Shows Ruined My Life....

....and I'll tell you why. Earlier today the tune to "With A Little Help From My Friends" jumped into my head. What was the first image that accompanied it? No, not the Beatles (either in Sgt. Pepper regalia or moptopped). What's that? Wet Wet Wet from the NME compilation "Sgt. Pepper Knew My Father"? No. Not them either! As a direct result of oft-repeated "173 Most Embarrassing Cheekbones" the first image that came to mind when I heard "With A Little Help From My Friends" was Kevin Keegan on Little and Large!! At this point I would normally embed a YouTube clip, however if I ever see the look of mock incredulity on Eddie Large's face as the Geordie Messiah ruins a classic again I worry my head might explode and I want the deposit from this flat back! Even now, Large's blue valour tracksuit and crap Mick Jagger impression is threatening my sanity! ....on a similar note, Richard Madeley's Ali G IS utterly embarrassing, but it&#

There was this dictator, right...

'Adolf Hitler is begged by his supporters to return to power after they discover he is still alive. After resisting, Hitler says: "I'll come back, but on one condition ... next time I'm going to be evil."' The comedy stylings of Silvio Burlusconi there.....speaking at a youth rally. No. Really!