Monday, March 07, 2011

Testing my True Faith

On Friday morning we got word at "The Lodge" that George Michael was releasing a cover version of "True Faith" to raise money for Comic Relief. I must admit to taking the trademark Fatmancunian position of head shaking and mumbling at the revelation.

This morning I heard it.


My first reaction was to wonder whether Comic Relief had gone back to the good old days of Llallaneeneenoonoo and Hale And Pace by releasing a comedy record but, no. It would appear that this is a serious effort.

It's like when you're "tired and emotional" and someone's given you a kiddie's Cyberman helmet to sing through and then slowed right down as if it might have sounded fairly normal once but has been applied to an iron maiden.

It is without doubt the worst, most ill-concieved record I have ever heard. If I was Comic Relief I'm be annoyed beyond belief and demanding action from George Michael's management to remedy this appalling action.

He was in the press today admitting he should have been jailed for the drink-driving conviction he received. Add "murder" to that charge list now.

As for New Order.....who the f**k said this would be OK!?

If you've not heard it can die happy!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

A "Falling Down" Moment

Brilliant story about a woman who went postal in a cake shop after being told they didn't have her favourite cake anymore.

My favourite bit of the piece is the desciption the police gave. "A 5'3" well built lady aged between 35-45 with shoulder length strawberry blond hair.." which has to be the politest way of say "big old ginger" in history.

Hang on, let me read that description again....has anyone asked Geri Halliwell where she was when this happened?

Woman goes proper mental in a cake shop