Thursday, January 17, 2013

Should've Kept My Mouth Shut

As mentioned in the previous post, 2013 has been a good year so far. Everything seems tickety-boo. Sorted out a new flat with a diamond flatmate, the mood has been great, I've got into a great routine at work where I get things done in good time and I'm actually quite happy. I've been telling people how great everything's been...and there's my problem. As soon as I share a bit of happiness, as soon as I feel good about myself and life in general I share this and it's like a beacon to the pricks of the world. I might as well have taken out an advert in "Obstenant Egocentric Arsehole Monthly" saying "As things are going so well here's an open invitation to any pea-brained pillock with an attitude problem to kick me in the bollocks! Here! I've painted a target for you so that you can see it from your vantage point of being up your own arse!" And life comes back to normal.

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