Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Liar's Diary : Wednesday 27th November

It was Lancashire Day today and so I celebrated with a butter pie and pint of Vimto for breakfast and, like the true exiled northerner I am, told all of my Southern colleagues why their home town was shite compared to Chorley and the like.

It was a day for notable deaths. A shock this morning to hear that Gary Rhodes had died overnight aged just 59. Less of a shock was the loss of Dr. Jonathan Miller at the age of 85 and finally Clive James' death was confirmed today, one that we and he had been expecting.

Jonathan Miller was one of those people whose intellect was frightening, and I enjoyed the story about the letter he sent to Private Eye which they still have on the wall...

..and Clive James' did prompt me into buying the collection of his TV writing and Unreliable Memoirs (a pay day treat).

I also listened to a great BBC Radio 4 show with him listening to archive recordings of himself which was fascinating.

Had one of those days at work where I actually got things done!

"Meeting Myself Coming Back - Clive James" - BBC Sounds
"The Adam Buxton Podcast - Nicky Wire" - Podcast, love Adam's podcast anyway but Nicky Wire was a great guest. Honest, no po-facedness at all just a real sense of enjoyment in his life and looking back at a heck of a past.

Newsnight : 26/11/19 - BBC IPlayer
Rick And Morty S04E01 - All 4
Mr Pickles S01E01 - All 4 : Never even heard of this Adult Swim series but it couldn't be more up my street if it was lying on the sofa next to me demanding a cup of tea.

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